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Deep Tech Innovation

Banking ROI amplified through AI. That’s Intelygenz.

Intelygenz partners with leading banking and fintech firms, delivering deep tech solutions to run faster, more flexibly, and with a laser focus on fraud detection and prevention. Take business to the next level with cutting-edge AI and deep tech experts.

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Stay ahead with A.I. fraud detection solutions

Harness the power of deep tech for long-term growth and innovation in the banking and fintech sectors.

  • Improve the accuracy of your fraud detection and prevention solution with A.I.
  • Reduce false positives with A.I. Financial Fraud Detection and do more business with legitimate customers.
  • Accurately detect unique fraud patterns and signals through deep tech solutions.
  • Implement robust AI-enabled data management practices to adhere to KYC and AML regulatory requirements.

Unleash the full potential of AI-enabled automation

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A.I. enhanced customer targeting

Connect with your customers in more ways than ever with Intelygenz. Using sophisticated algorithms to analyze customer data, we can help you deliver specialized, personalized and targeted marketing strategies and product offerings. Define your customer targeting like never before and reach a wider audience.

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A.I. fortified fraud detection

Safeguard financial operations with Intelygenz. Harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and deep tech to meticulously analyse extensive datasets, honing in on patterns, and resolving anomalies with unparalleled accuracy. Refine fraud detection like never before and start outfoxing fraudsters.

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A.I. augmented customer care

Enrich customer care and service to deliver better experiences across the board with Intelygenz. Enhancing customer support with AI-driven tools and advanced technologies that improve response times, solution accuracy, and overall customer satisfaction. Increase your customer satisfaction and streamline employee workflows.

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Employing robust fraud detection measures into your banking and fintech operations can mitigate risks, protect against financial losses, and uphold reputation for integrity and security.

Success Stories

We've delivered A.I. enabled process automation solutions across a number of different industries. See our success stories below:

Bank card going into phone illustration

The all-digital bank

Building a digital branchless bank, from scratch.

Inside a computer illustration

Enhancing maintenance ticket triage

Capitalizing on existing investment and strengthening capabilities with A.I. processes.

Guy standing near satellite illustration

Rapid analysis in universe exploration

Reducing computing time through the utilization of a deep learning model approach.

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