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Core banking and fintech

Global Impact icon

Global impact

Equipping banking and fintechs with the infrastructure to operate on a global scale.

Innovation icon

Innovation enablement

Unlocking the potential to rapidly deploy new features and services.

Build leading AI with data-driven architectures

Value extraction icon

Immediate value extraction

Leverage your current data with AI to make actionable, informed decisions without delays.

Long term icon

Long-term data strategy

Elevate your data handling, processing, and analysis capabilities for future innovations.

Human behaviour measurement

Understanding customers icon

Understanding customers

Gain deep insights into customer behaviours and needs to tailor services more effectively.

Employee Experience icon

Employee experience

Identify areas for improvement in workflows, tools, and increase job satisfaction.

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Success Stories

We've delivered AI enabled process automation solutions across a number of different industries. See our success stories below:

Fee-free banking
Marketing with AI
Secure I.D verification
Smarter mobile banking
Intelligent call routing
Personalized customer targeting
Bank card going into phone render

Fee-free banking

The Goal

Build a branchless digital bank providing a fee-free financial service that allows small companies and freelancers to grow their businesses.

The Solution

The rapid deployment of a digital banking platform that allows for real-world testing guided by the product market.

The Result


Freelancers and small business owners now bank on their own terms.

headscanner render

Marketing with AI

The Goal

The bank wanted to find a faster, non-traditional way to build these campaigns to achieve a higher ROI on their marketing budget.

The Solution

We defined an AI model to match customers to specific products. This allowed us to increase marketing campaign results.

The Result


ROI (return on investment)


Direct sales


In costs

passport illustration

Safely simplifying I.D verification

The Goal

A large bank asked us to remove the pain points from I.D verification for customers when applying for a mortgage, opening a bank account or renewing a passport.

The Solution

An Android and iOS-compatible app that confirms the identity of users by storing all of their documentation in one place. Giving fast and easy access to third parties who need to verify their I.D.

The Result

By removing friction from the customer experience, more processes can be seen through to completion and the bank can achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Women smiling on a phone in a train station

Smarter mobile banking

The Goal

A credit company which helps US residents to repair and improve their financial health approached us for our help bootstrapping their offering.

The Solution

An application that worked across all popular web browsers, iOS, and Android devices. This enabled user identification and secure access to customer credit reports.

The Result


Within just 9 months of launching, the platform had reached a total of 100,000 active users.

People in call centre wearing headphones

Intelligent call routing

The Goal

A large global bank was looking for ways to improve their call center performance without the need of increasing costs.

The Solution

Our AI was able to classify inbound communications by priority order. IT also generated automated responses for many simple queries such as balance enquiries, branch opening hours, etc.

The Result





Woman looking to the side

Personalized customer Targeting

The Goal

A Turkish bank was looking to increase the sales of two different products for instalment and revolving credit, for the SME market.

The Solution

Our AI system is now able to work with better results using different Response rates (1% and 10%), allowing the bank to use the data gathered within different contexts.

The Result


Revolving credit response rate (top 1%)


Installment credit response rate (top 1%)

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